April 2023

One of my mentors, Tim Connors, is a legend who entrepreneurs and investors look up to for advice. Tim and other venture investors have written many articles that outline their playbook when it comes to early stage companies. I fine-tuned a GPT model on all their written articles so anyone can now ask questions to their clone and it'll answer in their voice, based on their startup playbook. If they haven't written on the topic, it'll send them an email letting them know the question so they can curate an answer on the backend. The product is currently being used by 500+ investors and students who want guidance on various topics. This product ultimately led me to joining Delphi as a founding engineer, a startup focused on digitally cloning people.


August 2021

I spent my sophomore and junior years of college founding a startup that aimed to change the angle of social networking. Instead of isolating people online, the goal was to make it a means of bringing people together. Everyone always asks "Whats the move?" and nobody does this more than a college student during lockdown. Funny thing is, there's actually a ton of stuff to do around town but students have no idea because word doesn't move around fast enough. People even get left out on things they never knew they could go to. Enter MOOV. An exclusive, tailored college experience unlike any other. Find what your friends doing on the weekend, which student activities are happening on campus, and what local spots around your college town are popping off each week. We launched at Notre Dame in August 2021, partnering with over 20 local businesses from bars and restaurants to wineries and rec facilities who offered exclusive deals to students on the app. We also partnered with Notre Dame's sports teams such as Hockey, Football, and Soccer. We acquired over 4000+ users and are continuing to grow at schools on the east coast.


May 2020

Imagine investing in a meme before it becomes viral and making money if the bet you made on it pans out. The first ever Meme Based Stock Market is here. Users receive daily stipends of 50 (virtual) coins to help in case they go bankrupt but using Twitter's API to track the virality of a meme, people can bet on how viral a tweet becomes within a defined time period. Kind of like call options in the real world. Say I bet 750 coins that the meme #okboomer goes up by 7% within the next two days. The algorithm calculates the riskiness of that bet based on the given parameters and uses that to determine what the payout will be. Friends can even compete with each other to gain the most amount of money on the leaderboards.


December 2019

I love soccer and something I thought would be great as I got introduced into web scraping was to build an app that would solve a problem many of us soccer fans have. Often times, many different sites might have mixed opinions about possible transfers going on in the professional soccer world. There's also no easy way to search up a specific player or team to find all related transfer rumors. By being able to search any player or team, users can find all the information they need concerning transfer rumors from multiple reputable sites so they can compare the validity of the information they're seeking. All search results link the users directly back to the original article for further reading.

Summarize This

September 2019

I needed a practical way to be able to consume large amounts of reading each night for my classes. Deciding to use natural language processing, I developed a simple app that would cut down time by summarizing all the content of a text down to 15-20% of its original content, leaving only the main ideas of what I needed to know about the reading. I shared this tool with my friends so that they could spend less late nights reading large philosophy texts and more time understanding the general idea of what they were intending to learn about.

Innovation Network

January 2017

I created a web app for my school that allows students and teachers alike to share their skills across a single network. They simply signup making note of what skills they have and with the click of a simple search, they can find other users that have a skill they're looking for or want to become trained in. There's also a chat for people to set up meetings and a calendar for users to make reservations on a classroom in the school for their sessions. Finished projects are highlighted in the projects page for others to view. The purpose behind this app was to use software as a means to promote face-to-face interactions. By making use of this powerful tool, communities can strengthen each other by building each other's skill sets.


Alvin Alaphat

My goal in life is to build something great. And hopefully meet some cool people along the way.



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